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Thursday, September 4, 2008

[jet city] Tea and simpatico

So, last night Otis opened a showing at the Teahouse Kuan Yin in Wallingford. I think I actually picked up the information on how to submit work for consideration several months ago on one of my laptopping visits; at any rate, Otis sent a portfolio to Alex, the curator of Oasis Gallery, who also arranges the art for the tea house, and now she has eighteen pieces up on the walls.

Most of the pieces selected for this showing include Buddha imagery, a thread that Otis has been including in her work more and more frequently lately. As it happens, there is also one collage that features an image of Kuan Yin (or Quan Yin, or Guan-yin) herself, the Chinese Buddhist goddess of compassion. Of course, there are a few encaustics among the collages, and bird imagery abounds as well. The collection will be displayed though November 2nd.

The opening coincided with the Wallingford Art Walk, held on the first Wednesday of every month. This event makes our Roosevelt Art Walk look puny in comparison: 37 different businesses participate and the local chamber of commerce even provides a shuttle! There was a corresponding proportion of art-walker foot traffic through the tea house, in addition to the regular customers, so Otis is getting some good exposure from this.

On top of the random arterati, the tea house was also filled with well-wishers from our own collective of cultural creatives: Dingo, the Pisor Family, Annis P., BK and Myrtly, Ms. Matcha with Talkin' Liz, Soapy, Dar-Dar, J-Force, Neds and Mr. X, Kris-10, Lon and Jules, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. We even had a drive-by drop-in from Gweekers and Moms! The party was so good it even continued without Otis and me after the opening was over.

Here are some low-quality pictures from the very start of the show; your intrepid blogger forgot his camera, so this is it. (Click to moderately embiggen.)

Thanks to all who came out and good luck to Otis for the rest of the show. Stop by during the next two months to see the art and get a cuppa!

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