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Friday, September 12, 2008

[jet city] Last summer weekday

I guess I just realized this is the last day of my summer vacation. I have to be at the All-Campus Convocation bright and early on Monday morning, and that's the official start of my annual contract. Of course, I still have tomorrow and the next day off, but that's a weekend anyway so it doesn't really count.

So, what I am doing on this final day of freedom? Walking and laptopping, of course. I made my run around Green Lake this morning, and since Otis has appointments all day, I am wandering my way down through the U-District, just being lazy and touristy. Right now I am in what used to be Cafe Wannabee just three months ago, but which is apparently now Seattle Gold Coffee. I'll head further south in a little bit, looking for lunch, comic books, and trouble.

Although I just wanted to share this last little piece of summer sunshine with the blogosphere, I'll take the opportunity to give you some actual content.

This photo might better be categorized under Rhythmic Gymnastics with Apparatus, since it's pretty darn close to that event, but herewith is Annis P., mother of Otis, in her glory days, fresh from her tenure as a Princess of the Lilac Court, when she was a baton twirler extraordinaire:

(I am totally digging the Mary Tyler More vibe she's putting out in this photo.)

I think that many of the world's problems would seem a lot smaller if we just had more baton twirling in our daily lives, don't you?

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