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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

[apparatus] Movie review: The Visitor

Yesterday, sort of on a whim after some D&D dry running in the afternoon, Otis, Dingo, and I headed up to the Crest to catch a movie. (Johnbai and O decided not to join us, but we ran into J-Force and T-Square in the theater - what kind of karma is that, anyway?)

So, the movie was really good. I guess it would be called an art film, but we just thought it was a compelling story about real people facing real situations and learning and growing and changing. No car chases, no special effects. just solid acting and good writing. Go see it with no foreknowledge and no expectations other than than it's good; you wont be disappointed.

Oh, and a special bonus: Haim Abbass, as well as being a fantastic actress, is world-class beautiful, like Sophia Loren stunning.

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