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Saturday, September 13, 2008

[jet city] Fauntleroy Follies

What a glorious late summer day this has been! To try to take as much advantage of it as possible, Otis and I wandered our way from the U District to the wilds of West Seattle in search of merriment and were on the whole extremely successful.

Our early morning walk took us to the University Farmer's Market, where we found a veritable cornucopia of goodies, to wit:

Yellow summer squash, green beans, lobster mushroom, golden beets, slicing cucumber, lemon cucumber, and a huge sweet onion

The afternoon took us over to the shores of Puget Sound: Ned's place off Lincoln Park.

The guardian of the property, Lady Flavia, reluctantly granted us passage to the barbecue patio,

and Neds was certainly the hostess with the mostest,

providing a heckuva spread

that created a contented crowd.

The weather was hot enough to bring out the local bathing beauties

but not too hot to prevent the badminton sharpies from hustling the rubes.

There was contemplation,

utter relaxation,

and satisfaction.

My chair was broken and threatened to eat me several times,

but I had a great time anyway.