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Thursday, September 11, 2008

[apparatus] Link farm!

Ah, the myriad joys of the internets! What flotsam and jetsam (and even lagan) has washed up on the shores for us to examine today? We have some interactive gizmos, some pictures, and some miscellany.

This World Names Profiler gadget lets you enter in your family name and see how common it is across the globe - and you can drill down to the country and regional level. I was able to make a good guess at the actual identities of the few individuals associated with my name; try yours and see.

Umbrella Today? bills itself as the world's simplest weather report. It probably is.

I use essay generators in my composition class from time to time as a fun distraction as well an illustration (by their absence) of organizational principles. I think I found another one based on one of my favorite writers.

I guess Dingo is lucky she still has hers; I don't think O will sell my Geo Metro back to me at this point.

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