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Monday, September 15, 2008

[blockhead] Fresh start

NatDog and I were northbound by the dawn's early light today: it was the first day back on campus for fall quarter. Most of the day was taken up by the all-campus convocation, but I did get some other stuff done.

The convocation seemed to move along quickly and have an awful lot of content; I guess that's the sign of a good meeting, so I can't complain about this year. Some of the best bits of the day were the casual conversations with colleagues - it was amazing how quickly we could get right back to work and the business of figuring out how to teach better. Some of these contacts were made at the staff barbecue, which thoughtfully included veggie burgers. There are more meetings and training sessions scheduled for the rest of the week, but I am optimistic about them.

I am pretty optimistic overall this fall - I feel pretty charged up by the day, and I have some exciting new ideas for my 101 classes that I am eager to try out. My new office has been prepared, and tomorrow the previous tenant will clear out her stuff so I will have a new, pirate work space. Man, it's all good.

I even participated in a (rather small) drum circle to celebrate our community!

In that spirit of cheeriness, I offer this slightly silly but still pretty cool look at English orthography:

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